Assoc. Prof. Dr. Papatya Nur Dökmeci Yörükoğlu
Interior Architecture Department Chair

Dear students,

Interior Architecture is a multidisciplinary profession responsible for the design, project management and construction of all spaces in daily life, which includes fields such as design, architecture, science, technology and art. Çankaya University Department of Interior Architecture was established in 1999 with the aim of raising interior architects who are secular, sensitive to people and the environment, respectful to the values and cultural values of our Republic, able to adapt to technological developments, creative and technically competent, and attentive to protect the principles and reforms of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The education program of our Interior Architecture Department aims to train Interior Architects who can define and solve the problems related to the functionality and quality of interior spaces, produce solutions focused on user comfort, think and design the interior from every aspect and can make spatial analysis. Interior architects trained within our 4-year Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program are equipped with knowledge and experience in many subjects within the fields of building construction, building physics, architectural drawing techniques, history, theory, and criticism. Among these subjects; building systems, architectural history, cultural values and restoration, aesthetics, ergonomics, environmental psychology, universal design principles, color, materials, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, air conditioning, sustainability and energy efficient design, computer aided design, three-dimensional modeling, parametric design, interior architectural drawing, project documentation, and project presentation preparation are included. There are 54 courses, 10 of which are elective, in the curriculum of the Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program, which covers these subjects and consists of 8 semesters in total. In addition to these, two compulsory summer internships, one at the construction site and the other in the office, provide a professional experience to students by monitoring real-life practices.

Our students who continue their education in the Department of Interior Architecture also have the opportunity to complete the Double Major Program in the Department of Architecture or the Minor Program in the Department of Architecture or Urban and Regional Planning. Within the Faculty of Architecture; Building Physics and Environmental Control Laboratory, Digital Production and Three-Dimensional Printing Laboratory, Computer Aided Drawing Laboratory, Wood Workshop, and Ceramic Workshop offer students the opportunity to carry out many experimental and scientific studies in theoretical and applied courses.

During their education period, our students can participate in student exchange programs with Luigi Vanvitelli Campaign University in Italy and Escuela de Arte University in Spain, which we have an Erasmus Plus agreement with. Çankaya University Department of Interior Architecture is one of the four educational institutions in Turkey, which is a member of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers as of 2015. Membership in the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, which is the largest and global professional organization of the interior architecture profession, provides gains such as international representation and recognition, achieving international quality standards, having international equivalence criteria in the education program, and also being able to offer international job opportunities to graduates.

At the end of each academic year, our students’ design studio projects and graduation projects that are presented with face-to-face and virtual student exhibitions, with our aim to enrich our students’ portfolios and to be one step ahead with the experiences they gain when they start their professional life. In addition, meetings and seminars are organized every year, where our graduates and students meet, and a bridge is built between our graduates and students by enabling our graduates to share their business experiences with students. With these activities, it is aimed for our students to start their professional life with firmer steps after graduation and to be supported by their previous graduates as a graduate of Çankaya University, Department of Interior Architecture.

Graduates of our department can work in interior architecture or architecture offices and construction sites as project consultants, supervisors, and implementers. Apart from the private sector, our graduates also have the opportunity to work in different units of public institutions and organizations, in departments related to their fields of interest. Our graduates who are interested in the academic field can continue their education as well as pursue an academic career in other universities by participating in the Interior Architecture Master’s and Design Doctorate Program of Çankaya University, Department of Interior Architecture.

In its 25th year in the education life of Çankaya University, the Department of Interior Architecture, as a well-established department, has an important place among the interior architecture departments in Turkey with its quality education carried out by its experienced, academically distinguished, and strong teaching staff who are specialized in their fields by receiving education in international institutions.

I wish you all a successful education life in our Interior Architecture Department, which is an environment where creativity can be presented freely.