The program covers 54 courses (157 credits) completed in 8 semesters. The total minimum ECTS credit required to graduate from the Interior Architecture undergraduate program is 240 ECTS credits. Registration and acceptance of international students are carried out within the framework of Çankaya University’s rules.

Year 1

Fall Semester
ENG 121        Academic English I
HIST 201      Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I
INAR 101      Basic Design
INAR 141      Visual Expressions
INAR 165      Introduction to Interior Architecture
INAR 185      Drawing Standards
MATH 117     Geometry for Architects
TURK 101      Turkish I

Spring Semester 
ENG 122        Academic English II
HIST 202      Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution II
INAR 102      Introduction to Interior Design
INAR 122      Human Factors
INAR 166      History of Arts & Architecture
INAR 186      Basics of Construction and Materials
INAR 188      Structural Principles
TURK 102     Turkish II

Year 2

Fall Semester
INAR 201       Interior Design Studio I
INAR 219       Computer Applications I
INAR 225       Natural and Artificial Lighting
INAR 265       Modern Art & Architecture
INAR 287       Construction and Materials for Interiors
ELEC 1           Departmental Elective I
ELEC 2           Free Elective 

Spring Semester
INAR 202       Interior Design Studio II
INAR 220       Computer Applications II
INAR 226       Indoor Thermal Comfort
INAR 266       Contemporary Architecture
INAR 288       Design Details and Finishing Materials
INAR 100       Summer Practice

Year 3

Fall Semester
INAR 301        Interior Design Studio III
INAR 325        Building Service
INAR 331        Product Design
INAR 341        Environmental Psychology
INAR 345        Sustainable Design
ELEC 3            Faculty Elective
ELEC 4            Departmental Elective II

Spring Semester
INAR 302       Interior Design Studio IV
INAR 326       Architectural Acoustics
INAR 332       Modular Systems
INAR 342       Urban Interiors
INAR 346       Color Principles
INAR 300       Summer Practice

Year 4

Fall Semester
INAR 401       Interior Design Studio V
ARCH 441      Occupational Health and Safety I
INAR 425       Professional Practice & Ethics
INAR 441       Restoration for Interiors
ELEC 5           Departmental Elective III
ELEC 6           Departmental Elective IV

Spring Semester
INAR 402      Interior Design Studio VI
ARCH 442     Occupational Health and Safety II
ELEC 7           Departmental Elective V
ELEC 8           Departmental Elective VI
ELEC 9           Departmental Elective VII
ELEC 10         Departmental Elective VIII


Current Curriculum:
2017 Curriculum 

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